Deluxe Class (WAGYU Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu)

Deluxe Class ¥7,800 (WAGYU sukiyaki or WAGYU shabu shabu )

*For Children ¥5,000 (Half volume of Adults)

Start time & duration:

-Cooking class starts at 10am

-Duration is 2.5~3 hours

*Minimum of 2 guests, maximum of 6 guests per day.

Please make the reservations early since all the classes are very popular .

Please make a reservation from the reservation calendar.

Reservation is until 12 hours in advance.


After we receive your reservation from our HP, We’ll send you the e- invoice sent by

In the e-mail, there is an Orange square button(カードで支払う)please click it.

It automatically jumps to credit card payment form.

(First box=Name /Second box=Card number/Bottom left box=Expiry date/Bottom right box=security code)

Then click ¥XXXX支払い(Orange square button)   It’s done!

Thank you very much for your understanding, it helps us so much.

WAGYU Sukiyaki

WAGYU Shabu Shabu

WAGYU sukiyaki or WAGYU shabu shabu 

・Sushi Rolls

・Rolled egg (Japanese style omelet) with Japanese broth

・Mixed vegetable Tempura

・Home made Tofu