About us

Our  instructors are all fluent in English.

Please come and cook and eat sukiyaki or shabu shabu with us♪

We are looking forward to seeing you!


I am Mitsuo.

Cooking Japanese cuisine for 20 years, I am an experienced chef.

Started my career in Tokyo and moved to Kyoto.

Today, I am the sous chef of a long-established traditional Japanese restaurant.

I am eligible to have a Kyoto Cuisine restaurant, which is only allowed for limited people who went through a proper training.  And  I also have a professional chef certificate and  a certificate to prepare FUGU (poisonous puff fish).

I was honored to receive a mayor’s award.

I would love to introduce the authentic and true Japanese cuisine to a foreign visitors, and of course, I am very  happy  to have foreign professional chefs to attend the class.

All receipes are made under my supervision. It is a very friendly class, and would like you to feel comfortable  as if you are visiting chef’s private home.