Japanese Cuisine Cooking Classes organized by a professional Japanese Chef


We are a Japanese cuisine cooking class presented by the wife of a professional chef.

It is the best choice for people who are looking for an authentic Japanese cuisine cooking experience, which you would not find anywhere else.

Join us when you visit Kyoto and lets cook a wonderful Japanese food together♪

We are looking forward to see you.

Our Services


You can choose Deluxe Class (vegetarian class is available) or Premium Class.

Deluxe Class

Sukiyaki or shabu shabu course with world wide famous WAGYU.

You can enjoy the meaty and juicy taste of WAGYU.

(You can choose KOBE BEEF with extra ¥1,500)

Utilizing Japanese traditional seasonings and technique, you can experience sukiyaki or shabu shabu.  Also sushi rolls, tempura, rolled eggs all at once.

The class will be 2.5-3 hours based on demo and hands on lessons.  At the end, you will be tasting all the menu.

We also have Japanese Sake and other beverages.

Premium Class

It is a high level lesson instructed by a professional Japanese chef. 

You will be learning the history and back ground of Japanese cuisine. 

A professional chef will explain about Japanese knives and also show you how to filet fish and  how to cook. 

The menu will be changed according to the four seasons and according to the Japanese seasonal tradition. 

It will be a perfect class from a beginner to a professional chef.

 It is an unusual experience to have an opportunity to have classes side by side with a professional chef. 


Small and Hands-on Classes

Each class is a small group of 2-6 students to enjoy the time with your family and friends. Feel free to contact us in case of making reservations for more than 6 people, since we can arrange a kitchen studio with a capacity of maximum12 people.


Lessons are  in English

The classes will be in English.An experienced instructor in Japanese cuisine and a translator will be guiding the lessons.  Non English native students can also enjoy the classes since simple English cooking terms are used in the lessons.


Traditional & Seasonal Menus (Sake and Japanese micro breweries’ beer)

We present home cooking that is based on traditional Japanese cuisine recipes by a professional chef.

The classes will be using seasonal ingredients that changes every day.

Also, we provide Japanese Sake tasting sessions.  For other drinks, we have made in Kyoto Sake and Japanese micro breweries’ beer.